Some things have a way of testing your patience and tolerance. When faced with such situations, just remember to take it in stride, learn from it and let it go. Stop keeping count of do-wrongs and encourage do-rights. Why do little things bother me so much, and make me feel annoyed/angry/down for the rest of the day or longer. Here are a few pointers on how to not let things people say bother you. I get myself so worked up about the daftest little things. Do not let one little thing ruin your entire day. :D). I finally realized you are never going to really be able to control what other people do or say so why on earth should you allow them to affect your mindset and how you feel? Stop believing everyone is you Everyone is different. I don't know why I'm so petty. Not everyone is going to do things one way or the way you Let Things Bother Me quotes - 1. Once someone apologizes or a situation is resolved, move on and move forward. ... Home Ask the Therapist Why Does Every Little ... (2010). For example, say I say something, a silly little comment to a friend which annoys them at the time, but I apologise, and it's all forgotten. Let it go. Thats just the reality of life. ... so there was pretty much nothing I could do. Read more quotes and sayings about Let Things Bother Me. What does it mean if I get annoyed by little things that my boyfriend says ... Why do I get mad over little things? This goes along with not holding things in. nicoley Coach Status: Offline Posts: 1563 Date: Mon Sep 4 00:29 2006 How do you not let little things bother you? Why do people obsess over things? Ever faced people who bother you? (2) We most likely will come into contact with people, friends and even family members who say and do things they really shouldnt. It was very sweet, romantic, and I am so excited and happy. ... My husband pisses me off so much which is why Im here. So I just got engaged recently to my girlfriend (fiancee now, I guess! It's not me, it's my acting. Forgive and let live. all the little things bother you you feel like the world and all of the humans are against you and have something toward you The book is a free-ranging and intelligent discussion of what is known about the things that annoy us: what, who, when, why, and how. Hi, I was just wondering if having an anxiety disorder and OCD could explain why noises bother me so much? why do trivial things bother me? ? If you dont do so, ... A little kind act from you may take little effort on your part but mean the world to others. If you get too worked up over one thing, you have less energy to do things that you are actually capable of accomplishing. It's not me, it's my acting. I absolutely hate the thought of people talking about me/belittling be, or looking down on me for any reason. HomeForumsTough TimesHow Do I Let Things Go That Bother Me This ... and with a little more ... and not let things bother you and trying so So my advice is to outwardly behave as if the little things don't bother you. How do I stop silly little things from bothering ... not let these little things bother me so much?